She’s pregnant: Should I stay with him?

should I stay

Today I am featuring an email from “Tiffany”.  I wanted to share this email because it’s the kind of situation that we can find ourselves in from one day to the next – anything can happen but it’s how you deal with a situation that is important! Her question is “should I stay with him”. [...]

Dating without drama: Why Hollywood keeps you from finding the “One”

you complete me

  I came across Dating Without Drama quite by chance a few months ago and liked the message so I figured I would introduce it to you and see if some of you could relate to what she is saying. I admit that I laughed to myself as I watched the video, not because I [...]

How to keep a man interested in you – you don’t have to be perfect!

How to keep him interested in you_

  Have you realised that dating and relationships sometimes end up being like an audition? And it often seems that we are the ones auditioning for a part in a man’s life. Hence the question “how to keep a man interested in you”? We’re worried about what he likes, what will make him happy, what [...]

When he says he is married – What to do next

when he says he's married

Just like when a man tells you that he has a girlfriend, when he says he is married, that is the answer that you have been waiting for. That is your cue to bounce since all it means is that he is not the one for YOU! Better that you know now, right?! I remember [...]

How to get a man to marry you

how to get a man to marry you

How to get a man to marry you. Watch the video!